Building Automation Systems Control Solutions

Industrial Process

We create uniquely designed, innovative applications to increase your building's efficiency.

Control Solutions is leading the way in innovative applications for control systems reporting and monitoring technology. We are able to link HVAC systems to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in buildings such as medical facilities, automotive and industrial applications and beyond, enabling customers the ability to do the following:

  • Monitor and regulate pressure, humidity and temperature for multiple systems from a single interface
  • Take systems to a new level, such as modulating airflow when filters clog
  • Use innovative applications to create advanced solutions
  • Convert aging pneumatic systems to digital with full control, monitoring and alarming capabilities

Our Industrial Specialists are more than willing to work with your existing PLC system or upgrade your system to increase reliability and efficiency.


When systems work together, life becomes much easier. The Ultimate Guide to System Integration was created with folks like you in mind to learn the benefits of integrating your systems and how control solutions can help.

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