Novar is a Honeywell company and a global leader in multi-site energy management. For over 30 years, Novar has provided comprehensive solutions for HVAC and lighting systems to multi-site operators, responsible for as many as thousands of buildings.

Legacy Novar Support

Control Solutions supports legacy Novar Energy Management Technology for Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. The Legacy series from Novar is built to last, known for its longevity of over 20 years. Novar no longer manufactures the product, but Control Solutions is still able to support it with product repairs and maintenance.

Control Solutions supports the following Legacy products:

  • Legacy Software: ESS32 & iScope
  • Legacy Executives: Savvy, Envoi, Lingo, & EC/EP2
  • Legacy Controllers: VAV, UVC, TR-10, & more
  • Legacy I/O Modules: IOM & IOM/2, & 8-IM

You can contact us using the contact card below, call us at 616-247-9422, or email us at

If you have a Novar National Account, please call the Novar National Account at 216-682-1600. We will not be able to service your building as your remote access configurations are documented directly with Novar and we will not have access to this information.