Belimo is a listed technology company that has developed, manufactured and distributed electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for HVAC systems. Their products are designed and manufactured with the highest class technology, ensuring trouble-free operations for all of their HVAC devices.

Damper Actuators

Belimo’s damper actuators are designed for various HVAC damper applications. Solutions are available for control dampers on air handlers, rooftop units, economizer units, VAV terminal units, fan coil units, fan shutters and unit ventilators.

Types of Damper Actuators:

  • Spring Return Damper Actuator
  • Electronic Fail-Safe Damper Actuator
  • Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator
  • Non-Return Damper Actuator

Control Valves

Belimo carries an extensive line of control valves for various applications, including flow, water levels, pressure, temperature, and more.

Belimo Ball Valve

Offering solutions for HVAC applications, VS and VSS series Ball Valves are available with non-spring return, spring return or fail-safe actuators. Made with bronze, cast iron and stainless steel.

Belimo Butterfly Valve Series

Available in a range of sizes from 2” to 24”, Butterfly Valves fulfill the requirement of commercial and industrial HVAC applications requiring positive shut-off for liquids. Use Butterfly Valves for chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, change-over systems, large air handler coil control and bypass including related process control.

Belimo Energy Valve™

Our Energy Valve optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance, using the Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV) platform. Coil energy is measured by using an embedded electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow sensor, water supply, and return temperature sensors.

Belimo Globe Valve

Belimo’s comprehensive line of globe valves are available in sizes from 1/2” to 6” and fulfill the requirements of ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 applications. Globe valves are also available in bronze or stainless steel trim, and fitted with either spring return, non-spring return, or electronic fail-safe actuators, working with applications such as unit ventilation and air handling units as well as water/steam control in other HVAC systems.

Characterized Control Valve (CCV)

The CCV is a significant advancement in control valves, combining the high close-off capabilities of a ball valve with a specialized disc that ensures a true equal percentage flow characteristic. This control valve offers a comprehensive range for applications including air handlers, heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators, and VAV reheat coils.

Valve Actuators

Valves and actuators assure that HVAC systems are functioning properly. When they become damaged, replacements can be quite expensive, and taking a system offline to replace it costs both time and money. With retrofit solutions, damaged pieces are no longer an issue, as they can be quickly and conveniently upfitted without an interruption in service. There are various groups of retrofit actuators available through Belimo and Control Solutions.

  • Damper Actuators Retrofit Solutions
  • Globe Valve Retrofit Solutions
  • Butterfly Retrofit Solutions
  • Control Valve Actuators Retrofit Solutions