Building Automation Systems Control Solutions

Energy Management

Our Energy Management solutions are customized just for you to conserve energy and reduce costs.

Control Solutions will help you conserve energy and keep costs low in the workplace. By installing an accurate, reliable metering system in your building, we enable easy monitoring and reporting of your buildings utilities including electric, gas and water. Benefits include:

  • Easy web-based access to manage, report and monitor resources via your BAS
  • Single user interface to manage, report and monitor multiple buildings regardless of location
  • Monitor, report and utility billing for multi-tenant housing complexes
  • Analytical utility reporting to better understand your building’s energy use

Our energy monitoring system gives your facility and finance teams the power to identify excess energy use and empowers them to resolve the issue and save money.


When systems work together, life becomes much easier. The Ultimate Guide to System Integration was created with folks like you in mind to learn the benefits of integrating your systems and how control solutions can help.

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