Facilities managers do much more than ensure the smooth operation of their buildings. In fact, FMs are partially responsible for creating productive work environments for the people in the facility.

We’ve looked at how factors such as smart lighting, temperature and noise control can impact employee health and productivity. For FMs thinking a few steps ahead of everyone else, tips from productivity experts can shed light on possible aspects which they can address to improve the work environment even more.

In John Brandon’s list of 30 productivity tips at Inc., for example, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of business productivity firm Herrmann International, talks about distractions at work and how multitasking can hamper productivity. “We know that the brain is not a parallel processor,” she writes. “In other words, it can only do one thing at a time well. To be more productive, shut down the sources of distraction.”

While Herrmann-Nehdi is actually referring to texting or emailing while in a meeting or trying to talk to someone, a facilities manager can be responsive to other sources of potential distractions. When an FM sees, for instance, that heavy foot traffic in a pathway is a possible disruption to occupants doing their jobs well, she can make a proactive change.

For more quick tips and practical advice, we’ve compiled a list of 50 workplace productivity experts on Twitter. Thinking outside the box and implementing just a few of the actions these professionals suggest might make a real difference to a facility’s work environment, its employee productivity and possibly the company’s bottom line.

  1. Laura Stack, @laurastack
  2. Julie Morgenstern, @JulieMorgenstrn
  3. Fred de Villamil, @fdevillamil
  4. Lisa Kardos, Ph.D., @lisakardos
  5. Alexandra Cavoulacos, @acav
  6. Think Productive, @thinkproductive
  7. Meggin McIntosh, @MegginMcIntosh
  8. Craig Jarrow, @TMNinja
  9. Jill E. Duffy, @jilleduffy
  10. Peter Bjellerup, @thesocialswede
  11. Adrian Thompkins, @adrianthompkins
  12. Enyo Kumahor, @enyok
  13. Michael Sliwinski, @MSliwinski
  14. Kathryn Minshew, @kmin
  15. Dan LeFave, @DanLeFave
  16. Monica Ricci, @MonicaRicci
  17. John Boyens, @JohnBoyens
  18. Helene Segura, @LivingOrderSA
  19. Jackie Kiadii, @learntech
  20. Evan Carmichael, @EvanCarmichael
  21. Neen James, @neenjames
  22. Tina Marie Parker, @Nozeyparkers
  23. Lisa Woodruff, @organize365
  24. Carrie Greene, @CarrieCoaching
  25. Charlie Gilkey, @CharlieGilkey
  26. Tylie Eaves, @TylieEaves_VM
  27. Mike Vardy, @mikevardy
  28. Chris Bailey, @wigglechicken
  29. Mark Struczewski, @MarkStruczewski
  30. Asian Efficiency, @asianefficiency
  31. Heather Yamada-Hosley, @Curious_Heather
  32. Courtney McQuade, @CourtMcQuade
  33. Gary Greenfield, @LifeRider
  34. Lisa Montanaro, @LisaMontanaro
  35. Erica Dhawan, @edhawan
  36. Bill Jensen, @simpletonbill
  37. Graham Allcott, @grahamallcott
  38. C. Spencer Reynolds, @spencerreynolds
  39. Pomodoro Technique, @PomodoroTech
  40. To Be Productive, @2bproductive
  41. Richard Maybury, @RichardMaybury
  42. Cathy Sexton, @CathySexton
  43. Dr. Frank Buck, @DrFrankBuck
  44. Peter Bregman, @peterbregman
  45. Jocelyn K. Glei, @jkglei
  46. Debbie Rosemont, @simplyplaced
  47. Lori Krolik, @MoreTime_ForYou
  48. Peter Walsh, @PeterWalsh


Images from Twitter