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Green energy experts run the gamut from solar consultants to writers to marketing managers who help drive the industry and inform the public.

Whether it’s a large development or your own house that can be heated, cooled and powered for less money and with a smaller footprint, it’s good for the budget, the environment and future generations. Inspired by the work they do, we’ve compiled a list of 17 green energy experts on LinkedIn who are all working, one way or another, to bring clean technology and solutions to industries, across markets and around the world.

William R. DePhillipo

The founder and CEO of Green Energy Partners in Philadelphia, a solar development company that helps clients across the country with their renewable energy projects, William DePhillipo focuses on obtaining power purchase agreements and land acquisition for large solar array fields. His company’s mission is to help businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and save money through clean energy.

Tod O’Connor

A passionate solar consultant, Tod O’Connor, president of O’Connor Consulting Services, says he helps “families, organizations, and communities thrive through better energy.” As a Solar Director for the Sunistics Group in Los Angeles, he adds that he’s “walking the walk and talking the talk after years of advocating renewable energy and promoting solar energy.”


Ynke Feenstra

Based in Amsterdam, energy consultant Ynke Feenstra is owner of FYnergy.nl, a company that works to save energy and promote sustainability through developing energy projects and successful innovations. Clients range from individual households to businesses and organizations, and Feenstra has led and been involved in research and advisory projects for local and national governments as well as NGOs.

Peter De Mare

A clean technology industry expert in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability, Peter De Mare of De Mare Associated in San Francisco says he enjoys collaborating with high-impact organizations whose goals are to improve people’s lives and benefit society. An impact investor, De Mare also sits on some key advisory boards in the industry, including the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Technical Committee.

Liz Kelsey

A senior marketing manager at Green Mountain Energy, Liz Kelsey has experience in both the B2B and B2C energy markets. Green Mountain Energy is a renewable energy retailer based in Houston; it powers buildings in six other states and offers sustainable business solutions as well as carbon offset products nationwide.

Seth Leitman

A green living and electric car expert, author, reporter and radio host, Seth Leitman is The Green Living Guy (dot com). He writes and talks about everything green, and is an energy efficiency and environmental consultant. In addition to having written the books Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and The Green Guru Guides, he is consulting series editor to McGraw-Hill and continues to contribute articles to The Huffington Post, Triple Pundit and Mother Earth.

Quayle Hodek

The founder and CEO of energy provider Renewable Choice in Boulder, Colorado, Quayle Hodek says he’s passionate about his field and frequently speaks “on the role of clean technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development in solving the world’s most pressing energy and environmental challenges.” His company has been recognized as a Green Power Supplier by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and received the “Green Power Beacon” award from the U.S. Department of Energy in recognition of market development.

Logan Pierson

Logan Pierson is the founder of Vortexis Energy Solutions, which has developed a wind power system that can be used anywhere, including in urban, marine and off-grid environments, and is for home as well as commercial use. Bird-friendly, the Vortexis turbine system provides as much as 40% more energy output compared to similar turbines, with a blade efficiency of 88% of what is theoretically possible.

Hezi Kugler

Chairman of RWL Water in Israel, Hezi Kugler also lectures on the country’s energy policy at Haifa University and is president of Kugler Development and Investments. His company develops energy projects, including solar power stations, in Israel and around the world. With its headquarters in New York, RWL is a sustainable water, wastewater and reuse solutions company with installations and customers in more than 70 countries.

Jason LaFleur

An energy consultant and educator, Jason LaFleur is a building scientist with Eco Achievers in Chicago and also chairs the U.S. Green Building Council Illinois chapter of the Residential Green Building Committee. LaFleur writes that he is “dedicated to the market transformation for green / high-performance building, achieving sustainability through programs and organizational development.”

Lindsey Elton

A residential energy consultant who is also with Eco Achievers in Chicago, Lindsey Elton’s goal is more efficient homes. Working with homeowners and project teams, she is involved with everything from project management and consulting to energy modeling and performance testing. Elton also volunteers as a board member of the Building Science Institute, helping with outreach, branding and marketing.

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Brett Little

The Executive Director of GreenHome Institute, formerly The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, Brett Little’s stated professional goal is to “help residential single family and multi-family home professionals and homeowners make more sustainable choices in their design, construction, remodels and rehabs.” In 2014, Little was recognized by Home Energy magazine as one of the Thirty Under 30 young professionals in the home performance industry who have made noteworthy accomplishments.

Ryan Shanahan

A senior green building consultant at a Portland-based nonprofit, Earth Advantage, whose mission is to speed up the process of creating better buildings, Ryan Shanahan works with home builders from planning and design to completion. A self-described “building science geek,” his goal is for new residential construction to meet best practices and certifications including Passive House, Water Sense and more.

Michael Berry

Working directly with utility and non-utility partners as well as state and local agencies in new construction, Michael Berry, as senior manager and energy efficiency consultant at ICF International in Massachusetts, helps bring energy efficient building practices to the construction markets. Berry also provides informational sessions on the local Stretch Energy Code, which sees a 20% improvement in building energy performance over the state base energy code.

Brian Blauvelt

You may recognize Brian Blauvelt, an energy efficiency and energy intelligence consultant and speaker from New York. He has appeared on major news networks and is co-founder of Energy Innovation Works, a company that developed a product for the heating oil market that increases fuel efficiency by up to 15% while reducing particulate emission by as much as 80%. He is also a partner in B-Squared-B Global Consulting, which helps grow businesses (this includes green energy conservation and optimization, and power curtailment).

Sam Adjangba

Helping businesses save energy dollars is what Sam Adjangba, an energy consultant with Advisors Energy Group, does best. The New York firm is dedicated to cutting energy costs for users, including industrial, institutional and commercial clients, whether they are electricity or natural gas bills. They do this by offering services and technologies including everything from consortium and deregulated markets to smart grids and co-generation systems.

Chris Castro

Chris Castro isn’t only a sustainability and energy consultant; he’s also a social entrepreneur in addition to being the City Energy Project manager for the City of Orlando. The latter is a plan to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, cutting energy waste and reducing pollution. To that end, Castro develops policies and programs for his city’s commercial buildings.


He has been recognized and awarded multiple times over the years for his environmental work, and keynotes at international conferences on topics related to sustainability and clean energy economies.


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