Daylighting Industrial Facilities: Why You Need It And How To Capture It

Posted: 11/28/17

Sustainability is more than a lofty business goal. It has become a necessity for companies in response to the push for environmental stewardship in business practices.


Michigan Businesses Leading the Way with Green Energy

Posted: 11/21/17

Michigan is making progress toward using more renewable energy sources. The state government has mandated that all energy providers in the state supply 10 percent of their energy from renewable resources, a goal which has been met or exceeded by all providers. The new government standard has been set at 15 percent by 2021.


Tips For Protecting Historical Features While Modernizing Landmark Buildings

Posted: 11/14/17

Historic buildings tell stories and become integral parts of a community’s identity. When a company moves into a historic building, it accepts the responsibility of maintaining the historical integrity.


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Getting Your Facility Zero Landfill-Certified: What You Need To Know

Posted: 11/07/17

Trash is out. Sustainability is in. Where does your company fit on the spectrum?


Improving Workplace Acoustics: Solutions For a Noisy Space

Posted: 10/31/17

Noise pollution is one of the biggest factors in loss of productivity in a workplace. Noise pollution not only affects an organization’s bottom line, but it also affects employee satisfaction and morale at work. 


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