Building Automation Systems Control Solutions

Lighting Controls

Control lights remotely and automatically, inside and out.

With a Control Solutions system, lights can be controlled on-site or remote, so you’re always in control. Our lighting solutions are customizable to most appropriately fit the needs of your staff and building. You can implement the following practices with our lighting systems:

  • Exterior lighting control according to sunrise and sunset schedules
  • Interior lighting control according to building and occupant scheduling
  • Special event schedules per building or section of the building
  • Turn lights on or off remotely to conserve energy

Our automated lighting systems including both control and occupancy sensors help to better manage your facilities, increase safety for your occupants and reduce energy cost.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Building automation describes the activities of a distributed control system that monitors and controls a building’s mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting, HVAC, and ventilation systems.