Alerton is an industry leader in building automation, with solutions for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment, as well as integrating fire, life safety, lighting, and access management, among others. Control Solutions is a proud distributor of the Alerton Ascent Product Line, including Ascent Compass, Ascent Microset4, and Ascent Control Module.

Ascent Compass

Ascent Compass allows users to monitor and control facilities on or offsite at any time.

Its powerful, user-friendly interface is advanced yet intuitive, saving you time for employee training and troubleshooting.

Features & Benefits:

  • OmniZoom makes data easier to view and manage functions on any size display screen
  • Ability to fully manage schedules from web user interface allows easy access to manage building’s upcoming activity
  • Embedded DataViewer reduces time spent viewing system data and troubleshooting
  • Enables drop-in apps to keep up with your facility’s continuous upgrades and operational improvements

Ascent Microset4

Ascent Microset4 is a beautifully-designed wall sensor that allows users to view indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity levels, fans, CO2 levels, and more. Microset4 is simple yet powerful, durable yet sleek.

Features & Benefits:

  • Balance mode/calibration mode automatically calibrates and adjusts air balancing and airflow
  • Optional CO2 sensing and MS/TP versions provide the best solution for each project and reduce the number of devices needed
  • Easy-to-understand full-text field service mode codes save time by eliminating the need to memorize the two-character legacy field service codes

Ascent Control Module (ACM)

Ascent Control Module is unlike any other controller in its class, featuring Alerton’s pioneering BACnet® combined with the flexibility of Tridium’s® Niagara Framework®. The ACM both consolidates and exceeds the functionality of multiple controllers, as it supports up to six MS/TP trunks and can incorporate up to six global controller instances.

Features & Benefits:

  • MS/TP AX driver support provides flexibility based on dealer and customer preference/requirements in managing MS/TP devices
  • Real-time clock and time zone support in Niagara provides full integration with a NiagaraAX Supervisor
  • ACM MS/TP AX Driver (ACM-DR-MSTP-AX) allows for connectivity of up to 6 MS/TP trunks when leveraging the NiagaraAX station