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One of the toughest areas to reduce facility costs—especially for larger buildings like schools, hospitals, and factories—is energy management, especially without a designated energy management professional or energy management system. An energy management system (EMS) is a system of computer-aided tools used by operators of electric utility grids to monitor, control and optimize the performance of the generation and/or transmission system. Basically, an EMS is a system to control and monitor energy-consuming devices, like your HVAC, fans, pumps, dampers, and lighting.

Investing in a fully functional EMS may be an upfront investment, but over time will reduce utility bills, overall spending, and even increase your business’s return on investment (ROI). See below for the top four benefits your business can experience by having an EMS installed in your facility.

Top 4 Reasons to Install an Energy Management System

Reduce costs

If anything, an EMS allows you to significantly reduce utility costs across the board, including heating, cooling, lighting, and water. An EMS tracks detailed usage over time and stores it within its centralized, digital repository, so you always have access to your building’s historical energy data. This will allow you to budget better for energy usage based on time of year, weather, and so on.

Improve staff well-being

As we’ve discussed before [], when employees are in comfortable work environments, studies show that productivity and overall well-being is improved. Both consistent lighting and temperature control will create energy-efficient workplaces for all, increasing employee happiness and performance.

Improve facility performance

Not only does a highly functioning EMS improve employee performance, it vastly improves building performance, as well. By reducing energy waste and operating costs, you are naturally making more room in your budget for other areas of business, like marketing, promotions, salaries, and product spends.

Increase ROI

An EMS comes with built-in, cost-saving features, including emitting lower power during peak times, offering revenue-generating programs, and helping you identify energy leaks. With these features, it’s nearly impossible not to see a return on investment on installing an EMS.

Control Solutions can help you reduce energy and save costs!

Our Energy Management solutions are customized based on your business’s individual needs to help you conserve energy and reduce costs. Control Solutions will help you conserve energy and keep costs low in the workplace. By installing an accurate, reliable metering system in your building, we enable easy monitoring and reporting of your buildings utilities including electric, gas and water.

Benefits include:

  • Easy web-based access to manage, report and monitor resources via your BAS
  • A single user interface to manage, report and monitor multiple buildings regardless of location
  • Monitor, report and utility billing for multi-tenant housing complexes
  • Analytical utility reporting to better understand your building’s energy use

Our energy monitoring system gives your facility and finance teams the power to identify excess energy use and empowers them to resolve the issue and save money. Contact us today to have Control Solutions get started on creating a customized energy management solution for you. [contact form].


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