Hiring Qualities for Engineers & Technicians

With the coming of the new year, we recently discussed the hiring practices that are trending in 2019 for the HVAC, BAS and controls industries—including mobile-first recruiting, considering implementing flexible working conditions, video interviewing and virtual reality, and utilizing talent relationship management (TRM).

But hiring new talent goes beyond using trendy hiring practices; there are certain qualifications and qualities that candidates must possess to be considered eligible to join your team. Before you take a leap of faith in bringing on a new hire to your team, ensure the candidate shows the following qualities in the interviewing process.

Proper Degrees & Certifications

Whether you’re hiring an engineer, a technician, or a director for your company, there are typically specific degrees or certifications available that indicate whether a candidate has received the proper training and education to do the job. It’s also possible that candidates may not have the exact degree or certification required for the job they are applying for; however, having a degree or certification in a related field can provide the candidate with enough related experience or qualifications to do the job properly.

Relevant Work Experience

In addition to a relevant degree or certification, it can be argued that relevant work experience is even more important than proper education. Working a former job, internship or apprenticeship assures you that the candidate has had proper experience and knows at least the basics of what it takes to successfully perform in the position they are applying for. Be sure to ask candidates to expand upon their experience by having them provide details about specific projects they have worked on or companies they have been employed by.

Troubleshooting Skills

Troubleshooting is a skill that engineers and technicians from all industries should possess. The ability to accurately identify problems within a system and to correctly solve issues is a quality the candidate must have. Having a logical, systematic method of finding the source of the problem is also a necessity since troubleshooting isn’t just about temporarily fixing the problem, rather it’s about making sure the same problem doesn’t recur.


Beyond the education, technical skills and job experience a candidate must possess, there are several personality traits and characteristics that are vital to a proper hire—one being reliability. Your engineers and technicians must be reliable employees who you can count on to arrive at a job site on time to resolve your client’s problems, especially in an emergency situation. Your clients are counting on your team to keep their facility running smoothly and for them to be as productive and efficient as possible. All projects that require installations and equipment fixes and/or replacements will get done depending on the reliability of your employees, which will then reflect upon your company as a whole.

Attention to Detail

Not only do your employees have to be reliable to get the job done on time, but they must also be reliable to get a job done the right way. Paying close attention to detail is absolutely essential in a proper hire. Engineering projects are often complex and engineers and technicians must consider myriad of details, right from the concept and the problem-solving phases to the modeling and the testing phases. They need to focus and pay close attention to detail to ensure nothing critical gets lost in the process. The success or failure of any project is often dependent on your employees’ attention to detail.

Clear Communication Skills

Another character trait that is extremely important for a successful candidate is clear communication/interpersonal skills. Your engineers and technicians must be able to clearly and effectively communicate with customers in an understandable manner. They need to easily communicate with your clients about scheduling appointments, arrival times, estimated repair times, as well as the problems that may be going on with their equipment or proper maintenance once a piece of equipment is installed. 

Do you possess these skills and qualifications? Control Solutions is hiring!

Control Solutions is currently hiring for multiple positions, including a full-time electrician (Lead Role or Apprenticeship), a BAS technician, and a Systems Engineer in the new year. If you possess the above qualifications and skills and are interested in working for a premier building automation systems contractor that is also the exclusive Alerton, Trend, and Novar dealers in the state of Michigan, click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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