HVAC Hiring Trends 2019

In 2018, the majority of industries—not just HVAC and BAS—saw trends of major technology growth in hiring, recruiting, and workflows. Now that much of these technologies have been implemented in the workforce, the HVAC industry and beyond are seeing that trends for hiring and processes in 2019 are not focused on one specific issue, rather it is more of a holistic perspective on how to grow and differentiate your business, according to CEO Sam Pillar of Jobber.

Let’s unpack some of these over-arching themes for hiring in 2019 to ensure your business starts off on the right foot with making new hires.

Go mobile

SEO efforts have been prevalent for all search engines for years—but especially now for recruiters. With Google’s announcement to update to mobile-first indexing, which will now benefit the searcher’s experience and adjust to their searching habits, like job-searching on their mobile devices. SEO and mobile-first design now must become a top priority for your hiring team if it isn’t already.

In a recent study, 89% of job seekers use mobile platforms for job search. Today, 16% of applications are submitted via mobile. To be effective, your recruiting strategy should allow candidates to easily interact on a mobile device.

Consider flexible working conditions

Professionals are becoming more and more interested in flexible working conditions, like working from home or remotely. In fact, a 2016 survey reported that the ability to work remotely impacted 68% of candidates decision. For that reason, 65% of employees would pursue contract work if given the opportunity. 

While researchers don’t anticipate the entire workforce to quit their traditional jobs for contract work, the popularization of these non-traditional roles has changed employee expectations. Take this into consideration when creating a job posting—is your company suited for this type of employee, or able to provide flexibility in other areas?

Video Interviewing and Virtual Reality

In addition to working remotely, interviewing remotely is another trend researchers are seeing that job-seekers are looking for. Again, this ties into the rise of technology in the hiring process we saw in 2018. Video interviews have become more popular and don’t seem like it will be going away, especially since video software is becoming more advanced with clearer pictures and better signals. This method could be more preferable to a first interview via telephone because video allows for a more accurate first impression.

Additionally, in the HVAC world, virtual reality and augmented reality platforms are being used for interactive hiring needs. Rather than answering the usual questions, virtual reality shows how candidates respond in practical settings.

Develop Talent Relationship Management (TRM)

Talent Relationship Management (TRM) has become more popular with hiring/recruiting departments but is still somewhat of a new concept. TRM is a means to create, develop, and enhance relationships with potential talent. It acts as a means to stay in contact with candidates before, during, and even after the hiring process—whether a candidate is hired for the position they’ve interviewed for or not. This allows you to keep qualified candidates in your back pocket for other job opportunities your company will have open down the line, or for them to refer other qualified candidates they may know in the industry, as well.

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