Tips for Facilities Managers Adding Electric Vehicles to Their Campus

Posted: 8/08/17

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are one of the most fuel-efficient forms of transport in the world. 


Everyday Automation: The Unseen Role Facilities Managers Play in Our Lives

Posted: 7/31/17

Like most professionals, facilities managers have to keep up with developments in their industry. Upgrading their knowledge and expertise ensures that they are best equipped to serve the needs of building owners, tenants and other stakeholders.


25 Startups Committed to Cleaner Energy for Commercial Buildings

Posted: 7/24/17

Commercial and industrial buildings in the US account for 50 percent of the country’s energy consumption, costing in excess of $400 billion a year. 


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Facilities Managers: How to Keep Tenants With Different Needs Happy

Posted: 7/17/17

As the responsibilities of modern facilities managers become more diverse, so do the skills that facilities managers must bring to the job. 


What Facilities Managers Should Know About Housing Offices in Old Buildings

Posted: 7/10/17

As states, cities and towns develop an interest in restoring historic buildings, and as the tax benefits of doing so make costs manageable, many companies are retrofitting one of these older buildings instead of building new facilities. 


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